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Storytime Bilingüe featuring “De donde eres?”

 "Where are you from?" is on the surface a simple question, but for those of whom it is asked, there is no simple answer.  As a mother raising three emerging bilinguals, it is a question I dread they'll have to face someday. So I was overjoyed when the resonant and award-winning picture book, " ¿ De donde eres?" showed up at our door, a surprise gift from our favorite book fairy, fellow bilingual and bibliophile Titi Ashley! How many times have you been asked "Where are you from?" For an emerging bilingual, that simple question can evoke a tumult of emotions. This book shows the story of a grandfather sharing with his granddaughter the perfect response to this loaded question. The beautiful illustrations and compelling storyline will pull on the heartstrings of everyone with the air that they aren't from here.

Mami's Preschool Class of Two

  We made the very, very difficult decision in the fall to not send my precocious 3-year-old to preschool this year, because we were worried about her starting school for the first time during the Corona Virus pandemic. So instead of being socialized and educated outside of our home, all of those experiences I needed to recreate for her and her 18-month-old brother at home, while also juggling working from home myself and following proper social distancing protocols.  Although Pinterest has a plethora of preschool and toddler activities, prepping for my own classes as a teacher and for my homeschool preschool for my children was overwhelming. So I am so grateful for Jane Cohen and the programs she offers through the Early Childhood Alliance of Framingham. Before quarantine, we often frequented her groups in-person, including Play, Learn, & Grow , and Let’s Go to Kindergarten and Baby Talk . Once the programming transitioned online, it became even easier for us to connect with othe