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Storytime Bilingüe featuring "Un día de nieve"

 Snow, snow, snow!  February is the snowiest month for us here in Massachusetts. So before Papi went out to plow last week, we asked him to read us a famous story about a very special snow day! Follow along as this little one explores the snowy world, and check out the mountains of snow we have outside our own windows!

Learning ABC's in English and Spanish

 Maya has shown a lot of interest in the alphabet recently, so I figured it's time to start learning some letters. As a bilingual family and now that I'm doing homeschool preschool with the kids, I gave some thought as to whether I should teach the alphabet in English or Spanish first.  Since quarantine, Maya's English vocabulary has exploded. I think back to when my mom was worried that she wouldn't learn any English at all, and now Maya is nearly fluent without me having to explicitly teach her a word. Since she has been spending so much time with her English-speaking grandparents and watching children's programming in English, her vocabulary and fluency really bloomed. As soon as she figured out that English is the language of the community, she now demonstrates a preference for English. I continuously find myself having to remind her to speak in Spanish with my husband and me, so I decided it made most sense to focus on teaching her Spanish phonics. That way we

Storytime Bilingüe featuring "My Heart Fills With Happiness / Mi corazón se llena de alegría" and other titles from the Early Childhood Alliance of Framingham

We are excited to announce we're continuing our partnership with the Early Childhood Alliance of Framingham , and over the next few weeks, we'll be showcasing a series of bilingual books from our friend, Jane Cohen! As soon as Christmas is over, stores fill with pink and red heart decorations, boxes of candy, roses, and an overwhelming amount of stuffed animals ranging from mini monkeys to life-sized bears. It's hard to navigate the onslaught which is commercialized Valentine's Day. So instead of buying in to the over-capitalized hype, the Barrios family stays in,and we spend Valentine's weekend with the ones we love.  We celebrated February's week of love with a beautiful story about hearts and happiness. What makes your heart happy? Is it dancing outside with the sun on your cheeks? Listening or playing to music? Cooking? Cuddling? This book gives beautifully-illustrated examples of self-love and familial love, which makes it the perfect way to remember Saint