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New Years Resolution: Read the Whole Bible in a Year

After being a lifelong Christian, I’ve probably read the whole Bible just about cover to cover by now. For summer reading before my junior year of high school we were assigned to read most of the Old Testament, and back in 2015, our church set a goal to read through the Bible in a year. But neither time did I actually sit down and read the whole thing cover to cover. And neither will I do that this year. But I have an idea.  This year, I’m setting out to read the Bible in it’s entirety, but to read it as chronological as possible, and I plan to do it in two ways. The Old Testament is written chronologically, so I’ll start in Genesis in January. But I’d also like to follow the seasons of Jesus’s life following the calendar year, so I’m going to start the New Testament concurrently with his birth in January, and schedule to read about his death on the cross on Good Friday (April 15) and his resurrection on Easter Sunday (April 17).  In this way, I’m reading about Jesus in each season he