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Multilingual Mindfulness Webinar

Promote academic engagement by supporting emerging bilinguals’ social and emotional development in the classroom while building their language capacity. Participants receive ready-made materials and exemplars of gatherings, physical & mental energizers and a collection of tier 1 strategies to use in their learning environments to promote SEL development.  “ Multilingual Mindfulness, ” is a workshop created for MABE ’s 2023 annual conference, Juntos Podemos #MABE2023 Presenters Simone and Mae have worked together to support emerging bilinguals for the past 12 years in Framingham Public Schools. They started at Fuller Middle School, (Simone in 2002 and Mae in 2011) and moved to Cameron Middle School in 2015 and 2016 to start the ESL program there. They have experience providing ESL instruction for WIDA levels 1-4 and have collaborated on writing curriculum in ELA, ESL, Social Studies and Science. They are passionate about culturally responsive teaching, multicultural education, and